Friday, September 16, 2005

New semester, new people, new Aalborg!

After a long nice and warm summer, I'm here again!!!. I don't know how to start to write again in my blog because lots of things have changed during the last months, and I feel that I've also changed in some way....Aalborg seems really different after most of my friends left...I miss youuuu guapisimos!!!.
Anyway, I'm very happy to be again in Denmark!! and with my Jakob!!!:-) yes!! he's really cute and handsome!!!...he,he....happy, happy, happy!!!:-).
Nothing else but I'll promise to tell you what is going on in my life every day!!!...muuuua!!!

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Carnival 2005 in Aalborg!!

Finally, we managed to finish the report of our project on Friday evening!!, yes!!...two days before the deadline!!!, so we went to the Carnival on Saturday!!!:-)....definetely, we are the best project group!!! ;-). We worked very well and very happy happy happy!!!, maybe because we were also having a lot of fun all the time!!: 'Oh my God, I can't believe it!!!', 'the plans, the plans!!!', 'I don't care', 'que la fuerza te acompañe',....he, he, too much fun to remember all the sentences from these last weeks!!!;-)....I love team working!!!;-).

The Carnival was really nice!!. It was very hot. I had the feeling that I was in Spain....unbelievable!!!...and I was very happy to see the different theme groups with so good customes....amazing!!!. By the way, thanks Marie for your dress!!! was perfect for such an ocassion!!.

Indian girls for one day!!...Aalborg Carnival 2005!

Aalborg Carnival at the park...summer time!! :-)

Sunday, May 08, 2005

...crazy weekend...puff!!

- Finally, Lise and me found Isaac's place....and then lithuanian people!!! ;-) he, he....and then, party in the International collegium....the only thing that I'm going to say is that of course we didn't take the last bus!!!he, he....ay madre!!!!...thanks Lise!!!;-)

- Milan's place!....and vodka again!!!....but not for me!!!:-)....and good ideas for the superheroe party!!!!;-)'s going to be very funny!!

- Swimming pool in the morning and uni in the afternoon....with a really nice coffee break with Marie, Lise and Milan again!!....and at night, Fito came at home for a while....welcome back to Aalborg, Fito!! :-)

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Magic weekend at the Student House!

This weekend was the 'Way Up North'05' at the Student House, a music festival where people have the opportunity to see new bands in Denmark playing in a very nice atmosphere.
Both days the concerts were really nice...but of course the best one without doubts was Rémi's concert!!!!;-) which proffesional name is 'Orouni' (you can find his songs at: The concert was completely amazing!!! and it's not because he is one of my best friends!!, he is really really good!! and I hope to see him in other concert again....keep on playing, mon amie!!!:-) are the best!! sweet!!!.

The pictures below were taken during the concert by Sune Petersen ( Thank you so much for the pictures, Sune!!

'Orouni'...a really good singer!!;-). Picture taken by Sune Petersen

Rémi's concert at the Student House ('Orouni'). Picture taken by Sune Petersen

Other news:
Ezequiel came this weekend!!!:-)....and of course, we had a typical spanish dinner....mmmm!!!!!! delicious!!!! (ham, chorizo, 'pantumaca', good!!!). Thank youuuu Ezequiel!!!!.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Happy Saint Marko's day!!!

We were having a post-dinner with ham, cheese, olives and wine celebrating Saint Marko's day!!! was cool!!!...thanks Marko!!!!.

And we started to think some of the sentences for the Summer Song (....sorry but probably only some people can understand them!!):
  • Guapisimoooo/aaaa....muuua!! muuua!!! (Yolandish expressions)
  • What's that!!?? (me & Milan's sentence)
  • Sorry, I don't speak danish!....but I'm not speaking to you in danish!!!!! (Marie....;-))
  • Can I say no!!?(Coffee & cigarrettes)
  • There is a phone on the floor....( 6.30 in the morning!)
  • Ay madre, ay madre!!! (me!).....ay padre!!!!(Rémi.....;-))
(it will continue)

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Pictures from the 80's party last weekend!!!!

...look at the heart in my's so cute!!!!!!

....the three 80's girls from the WhiteHouse!!!

.....Rémi, Marie & me in the great 80's party!!!!

Amazing week & always!!!!!

Summary from the last week:
  • Specially, thank you so much Jakob & Jake (Esben, you too!) for trying to make me feel good and happy during the last was very hard to split the group up, but I also believe that we couldn't do it better.....I hope Albin can understand was very sad for everybody!!
  • Congratulations Rodrigo for passing the defence of your Phd. thesis!!...and of course, thanks also for the beers!!!....ufff!!! everybody was so happy on Thursday evening....
  • Again happy happy birthday Ruth!!!!!!! and Manel: we miss you a lot!!!!!!!


The barbecue at home was really really nice.....basically, Gediminas, Marko, Mathieu and Matt: the meat was excellent!!! thank youuuu!!!. Then, we went to 'Luna party' and it was also really nice....and then we went home and we were speaking for a long time....


Uff!! I don't know how to explain that it was one of the best nights, it was amazing!!. First, we went to The First Miles concert.....definetely I'll buy the CD the 17th of May, well I know that at least Esben and Lise will also do it!! Jakob B.: your band is really great!! you will be famous!! I'm sure!!!!:-)....and I enjoyed a lot being outside of the uni with my danish mates!!!!:-)....we have to repeat it!!!

Then, we went to Giorgous place. It was the perfect party.....with spanish music and dancing included!! he, he. Lise & Tonni: we have to practice......but I'm sure that both will dance much better than me when to go to Granada this summer!!;-)

Later on, we went to Jomfru Ane Gade.....and of course, we were in Vestera!! and it was really nice!!!!. So, when we came back home it was completely was very late!! Lise, Marie & me were having breakfast at home and we went to sleep at 7!!....


Swimming pool, sauna, bubbles,.....and polish dinner!!!.....I love Denmark!!

Friday, April 15, 2005

Full weekend!!

Yesterday Marie, Lise, Rémi, Milan, Isaac, Evelina and me went to the cinema to see the movie 'Birth' was fine but a little bit weird!!....sorry gays! you know....I'm a very simple person!...he, he. We arrived a little bit late....aych!! these spanish people are always late!.....;-).

Planning for the weekend:
  • Friday: White House party!!! in our house!!!....
  • Saturday: '80's party' at the Phd. Club!!'s going to be great!!....
  • Sunday:....dilema....I've two dinners, so I'll see what I can do.....uff!!! too much for a weedend!....and I have to work.....and I need to sleep....mmmm!!;-)